How to Deal with Anger

How well do you deal with anger in your life?

I chose to blog about anger today because that’s pretty much the only thing my day has been filled with. Where does anger stem from? I don’t know about you, but I hate fighting. I hate drama. I really don’t like lashing out or hurting people; and I especially don’t like people saying mean things or giving me attitude either. I think today God has thrown me a curveball, to see how I could cope and deal with anger. And I gotta say, I’m not doing so well. (God never wants to see any of us upset or in pain or angry; but we have free will. That isn’t to say God “started” this argument; I believe as a Christian now, my reaction should have been more powerful than my anger did. And it left me feeling terrible)

I’m sure plenty of you deal with feeling angry sometimes too. How do you deal with it? In romantic relationships, in families, and friendships; it’s SOO hard. I do NOT like to create or have enemies; I was told to never burn bridges.

It’s SO easy to get angry, pissed off and frustrated. I wish I had dealt with it better today. I took the low road, but I’m still going to write about it. I’m not perfect. I know that. I also know I messed up. I don’t like the feeling I get after fighting with something or doing something spiteful; the enemy loves it.

FYI..Text messages are forever, I know, but we always forget right? So much gets misconstrued through texts, which is sadly how most of us communicate with one another. I saw RED today, and instead of seeking God and asking for comfort, asking Him to take away my anger and rage, I went full force on texts back. And yeah, in the moment it felt great. HA HA to the person who wronged me over and over. An eye for an eye.

But in Matthew (5:38-42), Jesus says, “Ye have heard that it hath been said, An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth: But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.”

Easier said than done? Absolutely. But taking the higher road feels amazing. I remember the last time I forgave someone for doing something absolutely horrific to me (specifically, beating me up at a bar). I could have pressed charges; ruined her potential career future; instead I talked to God about the situation and He turned my heart. I forgave her; and she couldn’t comprehend it. Humans aren’t used to Godly ways; we are used to hatred and sin.

We are all brothers and sisters, meant to love each other. Instead, our world is so full of hatred. I don’t do well with sarcasm or people who hate on others; I enjoy kindness and genuine people.

For about an hour of my day today, which felt like most of it, was filled with ANGER. and HATRED. and DISGUST. and RAGE. towards the two people in my group message; my roommates until I leave for California. One was my best friend prior to a horrible night back in February when she left me abandoned in the snow, bruised and bleeding. That night, I forgave her, but I still have never been able to forget it or move past it. I’ve tried. But I don’t see that as a friend. I would have carried my friend home in that situation. I would’ve bent over backwards for them. Especially knowing how I suffer with depression and suicidal tendencies. But I know God will eventually release me of this memory and pain I still hold on to.

Back to original content of this post, the text messages from all 3 of us were just filled with spite. They are so angry and upset that I’m moving out out the apartment early; meanwhile I am doing my very best to find a friend of mine to take my room.

God is CALLING me to HIM. I am meant to go to California and Encounter Him. Learn more; learn to speak better to crowds; have my heart more open and vulnerable. This is my time. There is nothing here for me, and that is evident. I have been miserable, and this is a chance of a lifetime.

For them to view it as anything else just really hurts me. I know after my journey I will forget about this and forgive them in my heart and have new friends who share the same faith as me and have compassion, but until then, I have to ask God every single second in this apartment to help me. Help me with the tension, the attitudes, the NEGATIVE energy that is draining my soul.

I’m gonna write an update on this soon. The situation, the anger, all of it. This time, I’m going to try it God’s way; not the worldly sinful spiteful way. And I bet I won’t be upset and it won’t ruin my day next time.

Perception vs. Perspective

When I created my first blog, everyday I would rush home from work and write down all my thoughts and experiences of the day. I became obsessed; and it became overbearing. I would check google analytics and the stats on my phone constantly, looking for comments and views. Eventually, my friends and family started reading it, which I was cool with. But then I thought, wouldn’t it just be awesome to write freely and anonymously? To speak open and honest and be real with myself; without judgement from anyone in my life? That isn’t to say one day I won’t be comfortable sharing it, but it takes time.

I wasn’t sure what to blog about today since it was just your standard Friday post-work afternoon, but is there any feeling greater than that?!

Perception is the way you understand; it’s the way you comprehend and perceive things.  It’s also that part of you that has intuition. While your attitude and point of view is perspective.

At first I decided this post would be dedicated to compiling a list of my greatest achievements, challenges, mistakes, and failures that I’ve overcome. I recommend you try doing it too! It can spin a negative experience into a more positive and beneficial perspective.

I got off track, clearly, but ultimately, this post centers around perspective and perception; the differences and similarities. Your perception is shaped by your perspective. If you change your perspective, you can change your thoughts.

Your thoughts become your words; your words become actions; your actions become behavior; your behavior is who you are.

My mom told me this growing up, “What you say, you’ll have”. I think it’s so important to think positive. I’m not a happy-go-lucky person, (obviously), but I do believe being realistic but positive is the best way to think. Why think about the worst case scenario? Although that is what our brain is trained to do (fight or flight reflex), it never happens. Never.

Even if you have to fake it at first, it slowly changes your perception of things. Your perspective on life can then change as well.

In terms of my achievements, I don’t compare to anybody in my family. I’m not an athlete; I’m not a genius; I don’t make millions of dollars and I don’t have the life of the party personality. Majority of my life, I felt like the black sheep looking in. Ivy leaguers, news anchors, google software engineers, Wall Street traders, owners of businesses and non-profits; I’m just your average person. But throughout the last two months I’ve grown to believe I’m more than that. And so are you. Nobody is average unless they want to be and settle to be. Everyone has an interesting life, no matter what your story is.

So, back to the original question, greatest achievement…. Maybe graduating college, honestly. I always hated school. I hated tests, the pressure and anxiety. In terms of challenges, failures, and mistakes I’ve made, that list can go on for days (not kidding). But I have learned that when you come to a certain age, which is different for everyone, you mature. For me, when I turned 25, I was tired of the whole partying hooking up drinking scene. I couldn’t stand people who “just wished they could go back to college.”

Life is more than that. It’s the sum of your entire years, entire experiences, relationships, love, achievements, failures, mistakes, dreams… I don’t regret things. I used to, but there’s no point. What’s done is done, and there can always be a lesson learned from a mistake.

Not having protected sex leads to either an STD or a pregnancy; it’s like playing Russian roulette. I learned the hard way. At 21 I had an abortion. Something inside me knew it was a boy; I can’t wait to meet him in Heaven. I love him so much and all I want to do is be with him and apologize and say how sorry I am.

I used to cut; sometimes the thought will cross my mind when I’m really in a crisis mode. But cutting yourself as a cry for help isn’t beneficial; you live with those scars forever. And sometimes, it can scare people off….. Big time. I don’t remember the last day I went without wearing coverup on my wrists, thighs, and wearing massive bracelets or long sleeves. But I don’t regret it, because I might not be here today had I not cried out for help. From God.

If your perspective on life is that it sucks, it’s boring, it’s a tiring routine, depressing, etc., then you’re not thinking clear. You get one shot at this; make it the best you can! Be your happiest; think positive; be nice to people, and you will be rewarded.

My way of looking at things now is that it only gets better. If you’ve hit rock bottom, you can only go up. I challenge you to change your perspective.