Left Behind

What happens to those who are “left behind” when millions vanish? Do you know where we went? Heaven.

After the Rapture: I want to save my loved ones, who will be left behind. With an anti-christ ruling, with demons, they will endure pain and suffering. But Jesus comes a SECOND TIME to save those who decide to believe. They will have to deal with the consequences for not believing at first; but it’s better than eternity in hell.

What is The Rapture?

There are 2 phases:

The first phase will be a “secret Rapture” – or carrying away of the saved to heaven– at the beginning of a 7 year period of tribulation, during which the antichrist will appear.

In the first stage of the Rapture, the Lord comes for His church (his people).

At the end of the tribulation period, He comes back with His church (his people). At this event “every eye shall see Him,”

Although at the Rapture, Jesus will come “as a thief” and only believers will see Him.

The second phase occurs at the time of Tribulation when Jesus will return to Earth in triumph and glory, later on. (Aka, Jesus’ Second Coming!)

At the Rapture, God will descent bodily in the air for his saints, both for the dead and for the living. This will take place 7 years prior to the Revelation of the Second stage of Jesus’ coming.

My greatest fear before becoming a Christian was being left behind. Being raised in a Christian home, I heard about The Rapture often. It always intrigued me. I remember hearing many Christians who will come to faith after Jesus’ first coming; they could be killed if they are who are left on earth if they refuse to receive the mark of the beast; a chip symbolizing you are going to hell. But Without the chip, you cannot buy, sell, work, or do anything. The antichrist and government will say the mark is smart to track people and for money, easier transactions, less paper. But don’t fear; God will provide for those who are Saved during the hard times.

Sooo.. What else is there to know about the Rapture?

We’re getting closer and closer to it. Look at Israel, the deal with nuclear warefar in Iran, children disobeying their parents; all prophecies in the Bible are coming true, political warfare, Trump, etc.) But until every soul has heard the word Jesus, He will not return. (Hence missionaries, going out to spread the message so he comes to save the world soon).

All saved Christians will be removed from living on Earth during the Rapture; They will rise. In the a milli second; like a thief in the night; that fast, we will be gone.

It will be the greatest miracle in the history of mankind; Jesus will descend from the clouds

Millions of Americans & Christians from other countries will rise to meet Him. They will disappear from the face of the earthand never be seen again by those who are left behind.

The government will say anything to reduce chaos; blame aliens for taking us up, but please know the truth. We did not just not vanish.

What about the those who are left behind?

As glorious as the Rapture will be for us Christians who are saved.. The state of the billions of unsaved people will be truly frightening.

There will be many people who will claim to be the Messiah and also claim to have the answers for a troubled world. In Matthew 24, Jesus gave a warning specifically for our generation. In this passage Jesus, speaking to us, warns us that false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even elect.

We must be on guard and ask ourselves who these sinister false prophets and messiahs are. The Bible warns us that these are no ordinary men. In the End Times, people will be crying desperately for leaders to deliver them, and they will seek mystics and religious leaders who claim to have deeper knowledge.

From the prophetic books of Daniel, Ezekiel and Revelation, they have concluded:

“There will be mass disorientation as those left behind try to make sense out of the sudden disappearance of tens of millions of people.” (Alien attacks? The government will come up with anything).

Maybe, someone looking for answers, since Bibles will be burned after His First Coming. will find this. I hope you do.

A 7 year period of disturbance and destruction called The Tribulation will follow the Rapture. Most denominations teach that it will follow immediately after the rapture. (Boy I’m glad I’m not gonna be around then. And hey, you don’t have to either).

The Antichrist (I’m sure will be charming, a potential World Leader/President) will rule the world. “He will come from Europe, gain political control of the world (perhaps by gaining control of the UN), and make peace with Israel.”

Later, he will attempt to destroy as many humans as possible; Concentrating on the Jews, and new Christians, who will have been saved and came to faith since the Rapture.

If you have been left behind, it’s NOT too late to be saved. How amazing; one last chance. Once you have entered the Tribulation period… RECEIVE Jesus, the Christ, immediately; believing that He died, was buried and rose again 3 days later for your sins and mine. Only by receiving Christ and by the Spirit of the Holy Spirit in you, can you understand all that is going on.

You may have missed the Rapture… but you don’t have to go to Hell; that choice is yours. To die without Jesus Christ as your Savior is the worst thing you can do. Jesus IS coming down a Second time for new Believers after his First Coming.

If you don’t choose to believe in Him, seeing all the Christians gone, proof in the Bible, I feel so sorry for you, but I kinda don’t. Here’s what you’re looking at, directly told from the beginning of the time from the Bible: Everything in that book has COME TRUE. No scholar can dispute it to this day.

God will take his wrath out on all non believers. Read below, to find out what these wrath consists of..

The first 6 seal judgments are unleashed in chapter 6 of Revelation and are comprised of the following:

• First seal (vv. 1-2) – the Antichrist is let loose upon the world
• Second seal (vv. 3-4) – wars begin and peace is lost
• Third seal (vv. 5-6) – famine breaks out
• Fourth seal (vv. 7-8) – the ultimate result of war and famine, which is death
• Fifth seal (vv. 9-11) – persecution of God’s people, which brings more of God’s vengeance on the world, but not until their evil has been filled up with the last martyr’s death
• Sixth seal (vv. 12-17) – a great earthquake along with other celestial upheavals

The breaking of the seventh seal occurs in Revelation 8 and marks the second wave of judgments, the trumpet judgments.

The first 6 trumpets are comprised of the following judgments:

• First trumpet – 1/3 of earth, trees, grass is burned up
• Second trumpet – 1/3 of the sea creatures die and ships are destroyed
• Third trumpet – 1/3 of the waters polluted and many die
• Fourth trumpet- 1/3 of the sun, moon, and stars are darkened
• Fifth trumpet – Locusts/demons are released to torment people
• Sixth trumpet – Four bound demons are released to kill one third of humankind with an army

The sounding of the seventh trumpet proclaims Christ’s soon coming and ushers in the last and final series of judgments, the bowl judgments. 

Confirmation that the vial judgments occur late in the Great Tribulation is given in the record that the first vial judgment falls on those who are worshipers of the beast’s image. This image apparently is established in the early part of the last half of the 7-year period preceding the second coming (13:14-17). Almost everyone seems to comply with the demand that all men worship the beast and receive his mark. 🙁

The only ones who escape the judgment are those who have refused to obey the edict of the beast, the few individuals who trust in Christ in those evil days.

Whereas many of the trumpet judgments affect 1/3 of their target, the bowl/vial judgments are more comprehensive in their effect.

They are the most severe of all judgements, and the final ones.

  • 1st vial: Horrible sores on those with the mark of the beast

  • 2nd vial: Everything in the sea dies

  • 3rd vial: All the waters are polluted

  • 4th bowl: The sun burns and scorches people

  • 5th bowl: Brings complete darkness over Antichrist’s kingdom

    -This judgment resulting from the pouring out of the 5th vial is directed to the throne of the beast and his subjects

    -As in both in both judgments, there is also pain and torment.

    -The wicked in their suffering are declared to gnaw their tongues for pain, a description of severe agony.

    -The sores inflicted in the first vial were, in this judgment, aggravated and increased.

  • 6th bowl: The Euphrates dries up ; the kings of the East come, and the scene is set for the battle of Armageddon

  • The final and 7th vial: Produces a great earthquake; cities of nations fall; a huge hailstorm occurs

The final judgment will result sin a judgment of Almighty God that destroys the entire world system and judges all unsaved men severely. But even though enormous hailstones fall, the unregenerate still refuse to repent. This judgment is so devastating that it prepares the world for the coming of Christ to set up His earthly kingdom.

These seal, trumpet, and bowl judgments of Revelation teach several important truths…..God’s end times and eternal wrath are inevitable, they can’t be stopped by anyone or anything.

Lastly, there is a way to escape God’s wrath before it comes.

There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus”. Believers will not face judgment, because their sins were judged when Jesus died in their place on the cross.

I hope you learned anything out of this. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. It may sound crazy; but when you experience God, when you have divine interactions; you know He is real. When you feel the Holy Spirit inside you– You know it. Just seek, ask God, say his Name. And you will have His love forever.